Edward "Sonny" Masso 2 Star Rear Admiral (Ret)

"I was so impressed with their results with addiction counseling that I actually visited the clinic to see first hand their unique techniques and approaches to counseling for nearly any mental health malady including: addiction, depression, eating disorders and post traumatic stress. I was pleased to know their services included this treatment". 

Joe's Review

"CMI is the only reason I love my life. Here, I conquered the inner monsters that once led me down a dark road that would have ended in death. I escaped that trap and am now excited about the long, happy life before me, full of love, joy, and prosperity. Thank you for everything you've done for me".

Ashley's Review

"When the doors to CMI opened, I found a new energy. I felt loved and content. My soul connected immediately and I knew this was a good place to be. At the end of treatment I was much healthier. This whole experience was a fun, adventurous time and I hope many people can visit and understand where I'm coming from. I want them to experience beauty and love and understand what it's like to have your soul be happy".

Alton's Review

"At 22, I thought my life was over. But since coming to CMI, I have developed a new love for life. I have undertaken a miraculous journey, growing into the man I once lost sight of. I have gained tools and techniques that are taught nowhere else in the world. CMI possesses the wisdom for truly living a happy life. Here, for the first time in many years, I feel understood".

Dr. Dan O's Review

"I had the honor of experiencing CMI firsthand. You could not find warmer, friendlier people. I received a complete examination of my body, mind, and spirit. Anyone who's been to other care centers- and received a band aid to patch up their issues- should explore CMI for the opportunity to get to the root of their problems. And those concerned with antiaging or prevention should also take a look at what CMI has to offer".

Karen's Review

"This is a place of healing. The compassion, professionalism, and genuine concern and support offered by this team of healers was medicine for my soul. I met patients and staff from all walks of life and different parts of the world. Yet we all seemed to understand one another. Their stories of healing were taking place within them- and within myself. It is my desire to let the world know that CMI exists and that it's a gift to ones soul."