Substance Abuse Treatment


"Treatment options, particularly, treatment success appear to me to be more 'hit and miss' than a precise science. To this end, I explored other types of facilities for alternative approaches. One center that caught my attention was CMI, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was so impressed with their results with addictions counseling that I actually visited the clinic to see first hand their unique techniques and approaches to counseling for nearly any mental health malady including: addiction, depression, eating disorders, and post traumatic stress."- Edward Masso, Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret) 

The development of Medical Philosophical Therapy has produced a very high success rate with the completion of treatment. Avanti Wellness LLC is the American organization that bridges the cultural gap in offering a solution for addiction and behavioral disorders. 

Our services range from minimal interaction to extensive interaction with you and your family taking the steps to recieve treatment. We are happy to assist in any and all matters needed to alleviate additional stress.

Our first hour is a complimentary consultation to explain how MPT will transform and save the life of a person seeking help and how we assist the family every step of the way.


  • Family mediation (if applicable)
  • Visit client in jail to discuss our treatment (if applicable)
  • Speak with probation officers, attorneys, and judges involved in the client’s case to explain our treatment as an option (if applicable)
  • Speak with extended family, friends, neighbors to explain treatment (if applicable)
  • Speak with employer and prepare documents for a leave of absence (if applicable)
  • Speak with current rehab, hospital or counselor the client is working with (if applicable)


  • Travel to the city the client is residing if not local (if applicable)
  • Book flights, and manage the tickets to be put on hold, cancel, changing dates (if applicable)
  • Book appointment to get a passport at the closest agency, for the client (expedited/same day) if applicable
  • Travel with client/family closest passport agency, to get the passport (expedited/same day) if applicable
  • Escort family/client to the airport (will travel with client to the layover and/or Argentina)- if applicable

Initial Correspondence with staff at CMI:

  • Providing medical background, client information to the professionals (Requirement)
  • Ensuring a room is readily available for the client (Requirement)
  • Consultation with professionals (if applicable)
  • Transportation with the CMI staff from the Argentina airport to the facility (requirement)